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The truth about TomKat

Our managing editor Jess Cagle puts to rest the tabloid rumors about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

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Like so many Americans, I celebrated July 4 with friends eating hot dogs, discussing the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and reading every word I could find on the subject. In this issue, EW’s Keith Staskiewicz takes a really fun tour of the media speculation surrounding the split. So allow me to speculate: I don’t believe the absurd rumors that Holmes “auditioned” to be Mrs. Cruise, or that their marriage was nothing more than a contract. I’ve interviewed Cruise many times over the past decade, and he strikes me as a guy who loves being in love. He also loves being in control — that’s what happens when you’ve been a movie star for nearly three decades. And if you spend five minutes with Holmes, you see she’s a bright, tough woman — a woman from Midwestern Catholic stock who might have a hard time fully embracing Scientology, the religion that Cruise holds so dear. Despite the wild narratives and devious motives that have been assigned to them, the true tale of TomKat probably isn’t that interesting: They met, they fell in love, they married, and they broke up over truly irreconcilable differences. We wish them both well. Their fast divorce settlement means they have no intention of airing their dirty laundry, and both are too decent to see their daughter as the prize in a public game of tug-of-war.

Moving on: The Hunger Games will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on Aug. 18 with three hours of fascinating bonus material, and EW will be counting down to the event by partnering with Lionsgate to bring you exclusive interviews, footage, and photos from the film in the coming days and weeks. Watch for it in the magazine and, especially, on EW.com. We’ve been big fans of The Hunger Games since the very beginning, and we’re proud to be bringing you more of it.