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'True Blood': Eric glamours Alcide -- VIDEO

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The clip below from Sunday’s new episode of True Blood probably won’t make Alcide fans too happy…

I suppose glamouring Alcide into keeping his paws off Sookie is classic Eric. (I was glad that the Alcide-Sookie makeout scene went on as long as it did last week but was also surprised that Eric and Bill didn’t pop up sooner to interrupt it.) It also resets the sexual tension — rather than finishing what they started, Sookie could now pine for Alcide. And, I imagine, after the drama of whatever happened to Alcide at the end of last week’s episode unfolds, the werewolf thinking she’s “gross” could provide some comic relief (which Joe Manganiello is good at). Sadly, this pretty much crushes my dream of seeing Alcide do body rolls to Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded” in Sookie’s living room anytime soon. (“You don’t have to read my mind/ to know what I have in mind/ Honey, you oughta know.”) So screw you, Eric.

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