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Get the Gringo

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KARMA BITES Mel Gibson's latest film deserved more than its straight-to-on-demand treatment

Get the Gringo

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96 minutes

We gave it a B

Even with all of Mel Gibson’s toxic PR missteps, it was still surprising to see his latest film, Get the Gringo (2012, R, 1 hr., 36 mins.), bypass theaters entirely and receive an on-demand debut this past May. Just released on disc, it’s actually worth checking out if you’re a fan of nasty, nihilistic Mad Mel action flicks like 1999’s Payback. Here Gibson plays a smart-ass crook who gets tossed in a Mexican prison, where he has to outwit brutal drug lords with the help of a 10-year-old sidekick (Kevin Hernandez). It may not be one for the ages, but it deserved a better fate than it got. Karma’s a bitch. B