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'Django Unchained' clip, with more Leonardo DiCaprio

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The latest preview for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained is short on new clues, but it confirms some plot details and shares more scenes with a few delicious characters. If we weren’t already certain that Leonardo DiCaprio’s sadistic Calvin Candie was joyfully watching slaves fight in his home, he happily admits it. “Gentlemen, c’mon over,” he says, inviting some guests to join him. “We got us a fight over here that’s a good bit of fun.”

Of course, we always suspected that Candie had a snarl behind that sly grin, and the clip shows that side of him, too. Plus, there’s more of Kerry Washington, who doesn’t appear to have been banished to the fields by her new slave-master, and Samuel L. Jackson, who seems to have made the best of a bad life situation. As he says, “You’re welcome.”

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