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Comic-Con Exclusive: Sneak peek at 'Fringe' poster... and Observageddon!

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Fringe ComicCon

The fifth and final season Fox’s Fringe begins September 28, but the countdown to The End begins on Sunday, July 15 at Comic-Con. For the first (and last) time, the sci-fi saga’s annual confab with fans — always a lively and well-attended affair — will take place inside Comic-Con’s largest venue, Hall H. Cast members Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble will be on hand, as will exec producer J.H. Wyman, who’ll be piloting Fringe’s 13-episode grand finale season solo following the recent departure of longtime showrunning partner Jeff Pinkner. “The Comic-Con panel is something I always look forward to, but this year it’s bittersweet,” says Wyman. “I think we have lots of good stuff in store for them.” Among the goodies for attendees: A season 5 teaser poster (see below) that confirms that Fringe’s final chapter will deal squarely with the dystopian future glimpsed in the season 4 episode “Letters of Transit.” Nutshell recap: The world is about to be invaded and conquered by time traveling Observers from the future. Our heroes must find some way here in the present to stop the take-over from happening… or they must find some way to overthrow their oppressors in the future.

The title of the season premiere: “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11.” Sounds like “time travel” via mental projection to us! But then, we read too many comic books. Regardless: Wyman ain’t elaborating: “If I give you any spoilers, it will just force me to go back in time and prevent myself from answering this question. So if you wouldn’t mind, I should probably save us all the trouble and the potential paradoxes.”

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