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Is This a Movie? 'The Bullied Bus Monitor'

The news of bullied bus monitor Karen Klein sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster in making

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The News After a shocking video surfaced of a group of kids brutally bullying Karen Klein, a 68-year-old bus monitor from Greece, N.Y., supporters launched an online campaign to send her on a much-needed vacation. In under a week, they managed to raise more than $650,000 — giving this heartbreaking story a made-for-Hollywood happy ending.

The Pitch We asked Justin Zackham, screenwriter of The Bucket List and the upcoming The Big Wedding, how he’d have the rest of Klein’s story unfold on the big screen. ”Karen (played by Susan Sarandon) goes on her dream vacation, meets the man of her dreams (who also happens to be a ninja), and invites the parents of the bus kids to her Himalayan ninja-queen dojo for some lessons in instilling character in others. The remaining funds are used to hire the pustule-ridden alien Scum Lord Konstantine as the new bus monitor, who greets the schoolkids with the noxious gases of his species and asks them to turn to chapter 1 of their new books, Adopted by an Alien Scum Lord: A Life in Pictures.”