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Teaching stars to strip

Alison Faulk choreographed ”Magic Mike”’s steamy dance routines. That’s right, you can get paid to show Matthew McConaughey how to take his clothes off

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What’s it like to school movie stars in the art of the striptease? For Magic Mike‘s choreographer, Alison Faulk, 35, it was ”kinda awesome. They had to lap-dance us all the time,” she says. ”[We’d be like], ‘Okay, now sit on me. Okay, now roll your body. Okay, now touch me. Okay, now make me touch you.’ That’s my job.”

Though he took direction for most numbers, former stripper Channing Tatum (whom Faulk has known for years through his dancer wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum) choreographed his own lap dances. ”He’s like, ‘No, I’m good. I’m gonna surprise her,”’ says Faulk, now touring with Madonna as co-supervising choreographer. Matthew McConaughey also came with moves in mind — and named them. ”We would call them out, like the ‘Lick It and Slick It,”’ Faulk says. ”He would lick his fingers and put them down his pants. I’ve never laughed as hard…. Only because it was so f—ing amazing.”