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Write Me Back

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NIGHTCLUB JAMS R. Kelly gets his groove back in this throwback album that melds funk and disco sounds
RCA Music Group

Write Me Back

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R Kelly
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We gave it an A-

When you’re the freakiest cat in R&B, sometimes the most shocking thing to do is play it straight: 2010’s Love Letter set aside Kelly’s fantasies about voyeur-istic midgets in favor of stately Sam Cooke-inspired jams. Write Me Back keeps the throwbacks coming, ensconcing his creamy croon in dramatic ’70s-nightclub strings and funky bedspread disco. His raison d’être is still Patrón-and-incense hedonism, but Kelly’s party-host earnestness is far more infectious than his three-way scenarios ever were. A-

Best Tracks:
When a Man Lies
All Rounds on Me