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'Total Recall' trailer: Three-breasted mutant alert! Three-breasted mutant alert!

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Finally! We’d heard reports that it was real, that it was actually happening. But in the latest trailer for Total Recall, we finally get to see the three-breasted mutant woman for ourselves.

Of course, the mythic figure harkens back to the 1990 adaptation of the head-squeezing Philip K. Dick sci-fi story that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. Is the new version better? Welllll, this isn’t a red band trailer, so final judgment will likely have to wait until after the film hits theaters Aug. 3. But have a look for yourself:

Anyone familiar with the 1990 version knows that there appear to be more similarities between the two films than just a title and a three-boobed woman. What do you make of it all?

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