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'Looper' international trailer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt hunts himself, a.k.a. Bruce Willis

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On the one hand, the new international trailer for Looper looks damn cool: Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a Mob assassin called a Looper who kills people sent to him from the future, and one day, he’s sent himself, 30 years older, played by Bruce Willis.

On the other hand, writer-director Rian Johnson (Brick, The Brothers Bloom) had this to say today about the trailer on Twitter: “If you’re already set on seeing Looper, I’d avoid any trailers from here on out. They don’t ruin the movie, but they tip a few little things.” He later added, “Just to clarify – I approved all the trailers, they’re great and they won’t ruin anything big. But the small things they tip are fun to discover in the movie.”

What to do, what to do? Oh, just check out the trailer below: 

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