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A virtual Elvis lives!

Tupac’s Coachella hologram has sparked a virtual trend in the music world

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Ever since the late Tupac Shakur made his Coachella debut as a hologram in April, all sorts of deceased stars are being prepped for the spotlight. Digital Domain, the same outfit behind Tupac, has announced that an Elvis Presley hologram is under way for possible concert and TV appearances, while other companies are working on Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison likenesses. (Not to be left out, the surviving Jackson brothers are considering bringing a Michael Jackson hologram on tour with them next year.) These projects have been given the green light from their respective estates, but not all the details have been ironed out. For example, which stage of Elvis Presley’s career does Digital Domain plan to resurrect? Unclear, says a company spokesman: ”It’s still early in the process, but our goal is to show him at his best.”