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'Obama Boy' video goes viral

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After a rough couple of weeks of news headlines for President Obama, here’s a bright spot: the “Obama Boy” video has arrived.

The track is a follow-up to the ubiquitous “Obama Girl” vid of the 2008 election (though with different creators). The tune is the same, but the lyrics have been updated to a post-“Obama Marriage Equality Statement” world: “I put down my Prop 8 sign/now I’m going to make you mine,” and “You support me unlike the right/You’re my rainbow-colored knight.”

EW talked with writer/director John Duarte, 29, and Obama Boy himself, Justin Brown, 28, to get the inside scoop on how the video came together — and what’s next. Duarte, who is a commercial and PSA video director, told EW that the idea for the video came to him the day Obama said he was pro gay marriage.  “I came up with the idea and wrote the lyrics, and I called up a friend to create a beat for it and then I called up Justin,” Duarte said. “Justin did the song, did a bit of rehearsal, and Obama Boy became a reality. We shot for three days all over NY.”

Brown, who is an actor and stand-up comic, explained that it dawned on him that the video might go viral even before the duo were done with the shoot. “People were stopping us and clapping once they realized what was going on,” Brown said. They were shooting in some iconic gay neighborhoods, such as around Stonewall in the West Village, and once people heard the lyrics, they got excited. Brown’s ‘Crush on Obama’ shirt clued people in as well.

The buzz has only gotten stronger since they released the video June 10; everyone from gay bloggers — whom Duarte said were the first champions — to the Today Show has weighed in on the catchy track. It’s a long way to November, and no one can resist a good mash-up: Will Brown be dueting with Obama Girl anytime soon? (Politico says she’s seen the video and loved it.) Duarte said there have been some talks, and everyone wants it to happen.  “I think it’ll be fun.”

Check out “Obama Boy” below:

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