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'Gears of War' game announced: Prequel?

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The Gears of War trilogy told the epic tale of manic-depressive beefcake super-soldiers with a knack for hiding behind debris. Last year’s Gears of War 3 ended the genre-defining saga. Or did it? Game Informer has revealed a first look at the next entry in Epic Games’ shooter franchise. There’s not much to go on — we’ll learn more about the game next Monday, at Microsoft’s E3 conference — but for now, check out this cover and start theorizing:

My early and almost certainly inaccurate theory: The game’s a prequel. We’re looking at the authorities taking a young Marcus Fenix to the prison cell where he spent the four years before Gears of War 1. The game will then be about a different soldier during the years of Marcus’ imprisonment. Or maybe it will be a sci-fi retelling of The Shawshank Redemption, with the player taking control of Marcus while he befriends an older inmate and slowly carves sad-looking chess pieces. Just spitballing here.

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