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'My Little Pony'/'Dark Knight Rises' trailer mashup

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Because nobody really needs fan videos that combine Friendship Is Magic with The Hunger Games, or The Happening, or Rock of Ages — but aren’t you glad that they exist?

In the following clip, a YouTube-savvy brony (or pegasister!) named cloverfieldmoster skillfully blends audio from the theatrical Dark Knight Rises trailer with images from The Hub’s hit series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It shouldn’t work — but thanks to Batman Batmare stand-in Rainbow Dash’s intense gaze and the cartoon’s surprisingly epic feel, these diametric opposites actually go pretty well together. Best part: when Bane replacement Discord laughs evilly as what look like hamburgers fall from the sky.

Which blockbuster should the pony pals and cloverfieldmoster take on next? (Don’t say Prometheus.)

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