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'The Dark Knight Rises' poster: Catwoman leaves her mark

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Judging by the brief glimpses of The Dark Knight Rises we’ve seen so far, we know that Batman is going to take a beating — likely at the hands of the muscled terrorist Bane. Anne Hathaway’s cat burglar, on the other hand, has been much more difficult to pin down. Is she part of Bane’s “liberation” front, a freelancer with her own scheme, or a potential ally for our aging hero. The most recent TV spot showcased the semi-playful costume-party banter between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, who shrewdly ended up getting her own ride home.

But the newest movie poster — uncovered on the film’s website by a hawk-eyed reader of Batman-News.com — hints that the feline vamp might not flinch from stepping on Batman’s neck, should the opportunity arise. True to the character’s ambivalence, though, she leaves her mark with a kiss. Check it out below.

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