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Facebook Camera: Instagram 2.0?

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Say, remember when Facebook purchased Instagram for one kabillion dollars? Well, in news that is completely unrelated, the beloved social network/high-class stalker-enabling mechanism has announced the impending release of a new photo application called Facebook Camera. Facebook Camera — or FaceCam, as I’ll henceforth call it until Twitter tells me not to — also allows you to add all kinds of exciting filters to your photos. And those filters are not too different from Instagram’s. Mike Isaac at AllThingsD refers to the camera as “Instagram Redux,” which could just be reference to the fact that FaceCam features a wholly unnecessary French plantation scene.

You could argue that the majority of the app’s appeal will be based on the fact that you can share new photos straight to Facebook from the application. Which means that FaceCam is an app designed to save you whole milliseconds of valuable time per day. Whatev, I’m sticking with Hipstamatic.

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