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Michelle Profis
May 22, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Gleeks, beware: If you haven’t watched tonight’s season finale, slowly back away from your computer. Major spoilers ahead.

Many wanted it, few tried, and one made it. After a lot of tears, three envelopes, and one torturous scene, the one graduate from McKinley High officially heading to New York City is…Rachel Berry, who was accepted into NYADA. But, like any aspiring star, it came at price: Kurt and Finn won’t be coming with her. Not only did Finn break off their engagement to set Rachel free to follow her dreams, but he’s also decided to join the Army. Kurt, on the other hand, didn’t get in to NYADA, even after a stellar audition. I knew it was ambitious to think that the plans of all three would seamlessly fall into place, but I certainly didn’t think that Rachel would be heading to the Big Apple on her own.

Aside from that surprising development, here are a few other things you need to know about the season finale:

-Puck graduated! He really graduated!

-Burt Hummel performed “Single Ladies.” On stage. With a glove. It was fantastic.

-Kurt did a high-kick as he got his diploma.

-Gloria Estefan is probably the coolest mom ever.

What were you favorite moments tonight? Start posting your reactions below. Erin Strecker’s full recap is on the way.

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