August 04, 2017 at 01:24 PM EDT

Aunt Linda

Debuted 11/11/06; 6 total appearances

The only thing America’s Midwestern aunt hates more than Hollywood is running out of hairspray. I’d give her three eye rolls and a big “Oh, brother!”


Debuted 3/24/07; 7 total appearances

The consummate one-upper is always undermining, but her brags aren’t always lies: Penelope really is best friends with Liza Minnelli and a tomato!


Debuted 10/4/2008; 7 total appearances

The black sheep of the singing Meryl family is one of Wiig’s weirder creations — but admit it, even you were touched when she found love, Italian-style, with Jon Hamm’s swaggering Gionni Prosciutto.


Debuted 12/6/08; 4 total appearances

If you like gross-out humor, then you’ll love Shanna, a breathy bombshell who’s not as sexy as she seems.


Debuted 1/17/09; 5 total appearances, plus 1 Christmas special

Her name is Gilly, and she’s at it again… and again… and again. Considering your reaction to this post, I’m guessing this mischievous grade schooler won’t be winning any popularity contests. Sorry.

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