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May 18, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Don Hyun

Your patience in waiting for this week’s column is greatly appreciated. As you know, Team EW TV has been a busy bunch these past few days with season finales and network upfronts. But not too busy to bring you some scoop on the last batch of season finales, many of which are tonight!

So sit back and enjoy your pre-weekend treat. Also, don’t forget to send in your questions to And since I’m sure you’ve been geeking out over the new fall TV offerings, feel free to include questions on newbie shows, like Arrow, Revolution, Nashville, etc. I’ll try to include a few next week. See you then!


Anything on the Winchesters in the season finale? Where do they end up?@Kiscinca

Well, we know that the Leviathan storyline does, per Jensen Ackles, get “wrapped up a bit” and the cliffhanger will give us a sense of where the story is headed next season. Ackles, whom I caught up with at the CW upfronts yesterday, explains, “One of the brothers is going to find himself in a predicament that is going some place we’ve never been before. So it’s definitely going to leave us some place to pick up when we come back in season 8,” he says. “In [a] previous season, Dean found himself in hell and we had to figure out how he was going to get back from hell next season. This is something like that. It’s going to be interesting how we get back from that.” He continues: “Obviously, like a lot of people understand, people know this Leviathan thing is going to get wrapped up, but how that gets wrapped up is going to be the trick.”

As for the beloved ghost Bobby Singer, he will continue to be a source of stress for the brothers. But Jared Padalecki says he hopes the story sees a resolution soon, if for no other reason than to alleviate a little stress on fans.

“It’s a weird question because you don’t want to be mean to your fans. You don’t want to keep teasing them — is he dead or alive or dead or alive,” he says. “But in my opinion, we have to wrap it up, and I hate to say that because I love Bobby Singer and Jim Beaver. But I don’t want Supernatural to be a world where death doesn’t mean anything, which it kind of is. But there has to be a line. We don’t want to the fans to get tired of us playing tricks.” Ackles, meanwhile, is still holding out hope for a cure of sorts. “ I hope they find a way to get him back because we love Jim Beaver.”

For the time being, Ackles adds, one thing that will continue is Cas’s current, um, eccentric ways. “Cas is still hanging around. If he’s ever going to get back to being [normal], I’m not sure.”


“Get ready for a big cliffhanger,” Law & Order SVU’s Danny Pino told me this week at NBC’s upfront presentation. And I’m inclined to heed that warning, especially after he told me more.

“I think the foundations of the squad are going to be tested,” he says of the May 23 episode, in which the team finds themselves tackling a sex trafficking case. “I feel like this season was about transition and this season was about building relationships. I think next season is going to be about what those relationships are and even breaking it apart — cause conflict and digging deeper down. I think there’s potential for very interesting work.”

Costar Ice-T echoes the statement, while also assuring that Det. Finn will live to see another season. “I am not bleeding [at the end],” he says. “Going into a season finale bleeding is not a good idea because it’s hard to negotiate. When the last episode leaves you bleeding and you say, ‘I need a few more dollars,’ they say ‘Dude, you’re damn near dead, so let’s just talk about this.’ So I’m healthy and Finn is doing jumping jacks in the corner when the season ends.”

And no matter the outcome of the cliffhanger that “leaves some people in harm’s way,” the actor says he sees a strong future for the series. “I think now that we’ve gone through the growing pains of switching quarterbacks, I think the show can go 20 years. We’re going to go until Ice-T becomes captain.”


While Julie Plec and the rest of the writing staff will be hard at work on the fourth season of the Vampire Diaries very soon, her cast certainly has their ideas of where it might go, especially as Elena makes her journey into vampire-dom. Among the most titillating? Paul Wesley’s idea, which he pitched to me this week at the CW upfronts. “I think a lot of this season is going to be about how to fix the issue or deal with it somehow — maybe even reverse it,” he told me.

Now, whether or not that’s even possible, time will tell. But one thing he’s sure of? The writers have a big task in front of them. “I am excited but also a little concerned. One of the things that was so important about the show was that there was this innocent girl being infiltrated by these dark characters — these threatening, vicious beings — who were going to suck her blood at any moment and kill her. Now, that’s not a threat any more. We have some very talented writers and I’m sure they’re going to figure it out,” Wesley says.

Meanwhile, Ian Somerhalder thinks the gang will come together in light of these new developments. “I can imagine that it’s going to be a team effort [to help Elena]. It’s going to be very odd,” he says. “[And for the brothers], it’s kind of like the walk of shame. There’s this girl you love, you were instrumental in altering her being. It’s going to be interesting.”

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