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'Missing' series finale ends with a bang

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Rory Flynn/ABC

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen the Missing series finale and intend to, stop reading now.

Missing’s 10-episode first season, which became its only season, ended with a rollercoaster hour that gave us a complete ride, then forgot to brake and sent us flying off the track. Dax emerged a hero, helping to break Paul (Sean Bean) out of a Bulgarian prison — though Paul did most of the work shooting his way out. Nice to see Sean Bean get physical. Dax wounded an escaped Violet during a woods chase — is there any kind of chase this series didn’t do? (My favorite is still the ridiculously stealthy motorboat hunt.) And Becca (Ashley Judd) went against everything she stood for and tortured the location of where Martin’s uranium deal was going down in Istanbul out of Violet. Ashley Judd’s tear level afterward was perfect: Enough for someone forced to do what she’d just done to show remorse, but not too much that she lost any of her badass cred. Do not eff with mothers. After the raid of the drop was botched, Becca and Paul chased Martin, and Martin shot Paul in the right shoulder.

Becca continued on and came face-to-face with Michael, who Martin used as a human shield. Oksana reverse-headbutted the guy who’d first captured her long ago (poetic justice), and Becca shot him. When the police sirens started, Martin shoved Micheal toward Becca and ran the other direction. Michael and Becca embraced in slow motion. “This isn’t over yet,” she told Michael as she went off to have a rooftop shootout with Martin. After she finally hit his side, she told him she’d spent the last 10 years learning how to be a decent human being and in two weeks — it was only two weeks? — he took her right back. He didn’t think she’d finish him off. “You won’t kill me, Becca. You’re not that cold-blooded agent anymore,” Martin said. “You’re right. I’m not,” she said. “I’m a mother.” And, we heard a gunshot. Becca came to the side of the roof,  gun in hand, looked down on everyone, and was backlit by the sun like the Angelina Jolie-style action hero she was. Cheesy, but you know what, she earned it.

The local police was going to arrest Becca, but Dax, again the hero, made a deal: He’d let the cop say he’d secured the uranium (and a big promotion) in exchange for Becca’s freedom. It was a nice moment, but hold up: Ray LaMontagne’s “Let It be Me” was playing as Becca embraced Michael again, and then… Michael saw his dad getting out of a cop car. I’m not gonna lie: I totally teared up. “Dad?”  “Hello, son.” “How?” They hugged. Becca hugged them. Then she invited Oksana into the circle. Ah.

We jumped to one week later in Prague. The four of them had just left a restaurant, and Becca said she was “perfect.” You knew something bad was going to happen to her, and you probably said, “Oh, no” to the TV in an “Oh no, don’t bother me with this, we don’t have time to deal with it” way. She went to get the car since Paul’s arm was still in a sling, and Paul told the kids he was proud of both of them for the way they were holding up. He asked Oksana if she’d be going back to her family, and she said she wasn’t even sure if she had any. “Of course you do,” Paul said. Ah again. Michael took the opportunity to ask his dad if he thought he’d get back together with his mom. Paul said they’d take it one step at a time. I thought maybe the car would blow up as Becca turned the ignition (nice symmetry with the pilot), but it didn’t. The car rolled up and hit a vehicle in front of it. They ran to it, and there was no Becca, just blood on the seat and a bullet hole through the window. A shocked Paul yelled for Becca, but the last sound we heard was Michael repeatedly shouting “Mom! Mom!”

I take it season 2 would have been the Winstone men and Oksana looking for Becca. I’m sorry I won’t get to see Sean Bean kick some more ass. But on the upside, Paul’s shoulder hadn’t healed yet. I’ll cling to that.