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City of Lost Souls review - Cassandra Clare

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SECRET SOCIETY The next installment of Clare's Mortal Instrument series proves to be a gripping, supernatural read

City of Lost Souls

Current Status:
In Season
Cassandra Clare
Margaret K. McElderry
Young Adult

We gave it a B+

Explaining the intricacies of Clare’s fantastical Mortal Instruments series is a tough task. But I’ll try: Clary Fray is a Shadowhunter — a member of a secret society of demon hunters. Take that fraught premise and toss in some vampires, werewolves, warlocks, faeries, and a teenage love triangle, and you’ve got the general idea. In City of Lost Souls, the gripping fifth installment, Clary’s boyfriend, Jace, is bound to the villain Sebastian: Kill one, and the other dies too. With a movie version of the series in the works, now’s the time to jump on the bandwagon. Start with City of Bones and prepare to be hooked. B+