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'Big Bang Theory' season 5 finale: Top 5 moments

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I honestly didn’t think a lot of what we anticipated happening in tonight’s season finale of The Big Bang Theory (Howard’s wedding, a rocket launch into freaking space) would actually happen. Something would be foiled. A different couple would get married. Someone would accidentally get launched into space with Howard.

But nope; none of that happened. (Thank God.) Instead, both major events went just as planned (with comedic hitches, of course) — and in a way, that was most shocking of everything they could have done.

That said, let’s review the top 5 moments as we watched our lovable geek Howard get hitched and get launched into space from the land of Tetris and mail-order brides:

1. Bernadette’s dad bonds with Howard

I love Bernadette’s dad. If for nothing else, I love him for this line after Howard expressed his fears about going into space:  “It’s going to be okay son — a pretty girl like Bernadette, she’ll find a new guy.”

2. Howard’s gift to Bernadette

Howard gave Bernadette a star necklace that he wanted to take into space so that she could have an actual star from space. Um, bravo, Howard! I guess being part of NASA has given Howard major game. He agreed. “Take that any guy whose ever bought you anything!”

3. “Ma…Ma Bernadette.”

Best line of the night?

4. The wedding — obviously

The nuptials took place on the roof of the gang’s apartment building just as the scene was set to be captured on Google Earth — a suggestion from sort-of-party-planner Raj. It was nerdy and low-key ceremony that was overseen by the strangest quintet of ordained ministers ever. Best speech goes to Sheldon, who said his part in Klingon. (Feel free to disagree.)

5. Hand holding!

In the apartment, just as Howard was being launched into space on the TV, a truly sweet moment took place. “I love that man,” said Bernadette. “Me, too,” said Raj, as the two grabbed each other’s hand. (Aww.) Then Penny grabbed Leonard’s. (Double awww.) Then, shockingly, Sheldon grabbed Amy’s hand. (Awww explosion!)

That was a pretty quiet finale, considering last season ended with a big cliffhanger. But I’m still pretty satisfied, especially with the character growth with Sheldon in the final moment. Are you?


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