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'Parks and Recreation' season finale: Election results!

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Parks And Recreation Recap
Tyler Golden/NBC

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains precious information about the winner of the Pawnee City Council Election of 2012. If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of Parks & Recreation, treat yo’self and don’t click through!

And the winner is… Leslie!

After a scary moment when Bobby Newport was crowned the victor and it seemed like all was lost for Citizen Knope, a trusty recount proved that Leslie was indeed triumphant in her race for Pawnee city council. Executive producer Mike Schur teased it (and I attempted to predict it), but after a long and occasionally awkward election, it’s safe to say that Leslie’s team’s efforts were not in vain. Phew. (Although, now we devastatingly must say goodbye to Kathryn Hahn and Paul Rudd.)

Now that Leslie has officially been elected, season five can go in all sorts of directions. Who will stay at the Parks department? What will happen to Chris and Ben? What sort of new plots might Leslie’s new position open up? Things on Parks & Rec could stay safe and skew towards another small town event (like the Harvest Festival), or things could get even more political. If the show wasn’t already like The Office meets The West Wing, it could be in season five, now that Leslie’s a hotshot politician!

Don’t forget, the show will still have a number of episodes to air in the fall in the months before our real-world election is over, so there will have been an entire summer of potential fodder to riff on (without losing any of the show’s wonderful Pawnee-ness, of course).

Let’s stay up all night talking about our thoughts and our feelings!

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