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'Missing' star Keith Carradine says more reveals coming

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Rory Flynn/ABC

With only two episodes left in its first season, ABC’s Missing will keep the twists coming. Last week, we found out Martin (Keith Carradine) is actually the elusive Suspect Zero, the leader of an international group of rogue former operatives (including one Sean Bean’s Paul was investigating before his faux death) and the man behind Michael’s kidnapping. “There will be more reveals, for sure,” Carradine says, assuring us Martin’s motives will begin to become clear in tonight’s episode. Is there any chance he’s not as bad as we think he is? “Well, no one’s all bad, now are they?” Carradine says, with a laugh. “Listen, he does really care about Becca [Ashley Judd], and he has a real love for his godson. It’s complicated.” We’ve seen that Becca likes to handle betrayal with a little butt-kicking. Should we be bracing for a battle when she catches up to him? “Well, that’s certainly within the realm of possibility. Becca’s a pretty handy lady,” Carradine says. “Martin certainly has many years of experience in this game of intrigue and violence. So anything could happen.” (The photo of Martin pictured is from next week’s season finale.)

What else will we see as the story wraps up? “My relationship with Michael still has mileage — how he figures out what’s up, and who I am, and where he fits into all of this,” Carradine says. Michael (Nick Eversman) and his fellow captive/new girlfriend Oksana (Tereza Voriskova) had escaped last week, but the CIA sent Michael’s godfather to collect him, so they’re now back in Martin’s custody. “Paul and Becca still have to figure out how to get out of Europe and find Michael,” Carradine says. We’ll also hear what Paul’s life has been like for the past 10 years (Bean has previously told us Paul wasn’t celibate for a decade), and we’ll learn more about Violet (Laura Donnelly), the CIA agent no one in the bureau knows is working with Martin.

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