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'Private Practice,' 'CSI,' 'Nikita,' 'The Good Wife': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

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Jim Fiscus/NBC

My greatest hope is that this bountiful scoop report brings you a fraction of the joy I feel when scrolling through this Channing Tatum birthday gallery, which now has a place in my bookmarks toolbar under the word “happiness.”

My sad single life aside, if you see any show missing from here that you’d like some scoop on, shoot me a note at spoilerroom@ew.com! I’ll try to work it in next time.


Elisabeth Harnois has had more than a few shining moments during her first season as a regular on CSI, and the season finale (airing MMay 9) will likely add another to the list when Morgan and her father “come to an understanding” of sorts. “This episode is a huge breaking open of the box, I guess,” she says. “[The finale] allows her to come to a nice place with her father, and I start to see the man behind the mask of being the tough, cantankerous undersheriff. I start to maybe sympathize with the difficulty of what he does.”

But the sense of resolution could be short-lived, she said, as the case the team works on threatens to put a wedge between them once again. “The progress almost gets blown up and destroyed. So it’s a pretty exciting and unexpected thing that happens with her and her father — and everyone else.”

Most of all Nick Stokes and Greg, who find themselves in a bit of an emotional crisis after taking on a heavily political case. “For Nick, specifically, he’s questioning whether he can do his job any more,” she says. The return of McKeen, who murdered Warrick, makes Nick feel frustrated that he is still “infiltrating their lives,” she says. “He loses it a bit. It’s a huge emotional arc.”

By the end of the hour, viewers will be left wondering whether some “very important people” will return next season, she says. “It’s honestly one of the best finales I’ve ever read in my TV experience.”


If the title of Private Practice’s upcoming season finale, “Gone Baby Gone,” has you terrified for Baby Henry, Addison’s new (totally sqeezable!) son, you can rest easy, according to executive producer Shonda Rhimes. “I’m not going to hurt baby Henry,” says the TV mastermind. “I just adopted a baby, too. That would be bad karma!”

Whew. So since we now know Henry’s “not going anywhere,” what can fans expect? Well, after everything the ladies of PP have been through this season (from Charlotte’s emotionally taxing storyline with Cooper and Cooper’s son, to Addison’s baby drama), Rhimes says the finale will be “a really beautiful and lyrical and interesting story.” “I just watched the first director’s cut of that and gave my editors notes on it,” she says. “There’s a lot of pain, but there’s also this sense that you’re watching our characters — the women, Addison, Charlotte,  Amelia and Violet — and realizing that they’re all fundamentally changed over the course of this year in a way that’s fairly profound and that’s really beautiful.”

And as expected, the closer won’t let viewers go quietly into hiatus season. “We have two things that leave you hanging at the end of the season and wondering what’s going to happen next. And they’re both fairly big things for our characters.”

‘NIKITA’: Any really exciting #Mikita moments in the last episode? — @DeannaWigney

Great question, Deanna. So great, in fact, that I couldn’t help but make this the focus of one of our larger discussions today because it definitely deserves a little context after last week’s “Wrath,” which had some huge moments for the pair. And when Maggie Q stopped by yesterday to chat, we spoke a bit about how those moments — from their talk about the future to Nikita’s frankness with Michael about their past — will impact their relationship moving forward.

“As a girl … sometimes you go, ‘I’m done being nice. I’m going to tell you the way it actually is and what you put me through,’” she says. “I loved that about the episode and the way Albert [Kim] wrote it because it wasn’t one of those things where he was acting as the prince and she was going ‘Thank you!’ She was pissed! There was no swooning, and I don’t think anyone expected that turn to happen.”

And the last scenes, in which Michael rejected Nikita’s attempts to apologize and told her she had a right to feel the way she did, speaks volumes about where the pair is headed, says the actress. “You’re obviously going to see them joined in a way that’s really nice,” she says. “And we wrap the season up with the two of them [in a scene] that’s, visually, one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever done. … From shot to shot, the finale is the most beautiful episode of the season.”

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