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'My So-Called Life': Angela Chase's mom just dropped LSD on 'Mad Men'!

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I don’t know what that loony tunes is saying on the right, but all I can hear in my head is a disappointed “Angela….”

I’m posting this because I wanted My So-Called Life to be at the beginning of a headline, as if something involving My So-Called Life was actually happening. It’s not, but Bess Armstrong (a.k.a. Patty Chase, Angela’s mom) just guest starred on tonight’s episode of Mad Men as a psychologist to the stars who dropped acid with Roger Sterling! Patty!

They had a time, didn’t they?

Patty sure has come a long way since asking Graham if those morning glories were lining up!

I bet Jordan Catalano and Rayanne Graff are sooooooooo mad (at the men) that they missed this.

(An hour ago my so-called sister had texted me “name that TV mom at the head of the table” and I instantly replied “my bagel burned.” 10,000 meaningless PopWatch bonus points to anyone who can remember why.)

Why is this the most exciting part of my weekend?!

Stay tuned for Adam B. Vary’s full Mad Men recap later on.

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