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'30 Rock': Meet the Woggles!

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30 Rock2
Ali Goldstein/NBC

The great Colleen Donaghy (Elaine Stritch) returned to 30 Rock last night to have heart surgery, but mostly to torture her son in every possible way. Colleen is one of the few people who can truly ruffle Jack’s feathers, which is probably why I love her so much. With Colleen’s recent ailments, Liz tried to convince Jack he needed to have “the talk” with her. No, not the birds and the bees, but the talk every child must have with an aging parent. But as Jack so eloquently put it: “There’s no need for us to start jabbering about our feelings and sobbing like Bill Belichick listening to Adele.” Spoiler Alert! Jack and Colleen did have their version of the talk, and Lemon humbly took the credit for it.

Jenna was still working through her sexual walkabout checklist as part of her separation from Paul. During her quest, she found Russ, a member of The Woggles who happened to fulfill three of her checklist items. The Woggles are the 30 Rock version of The Wiggles. It’s amazing what you can do with a simple vowel change! But Jenna’s time with the blue Woggle made her realize that she really wanted Paul back in her life. Jenna went to Paul’s apartment to talk to him and saw that she’d already been replaced: He was dressed like another woman. To be continued on those two.

Meanwhile, Tracy tried convince his son, George Forman, not to go to college at Stanford because it wasn’t the Jordan way. I was a little distracted by this story line because I don’t recall Tracy having an older son. (Other than the fake son who just used Tracy for money, of course.) That said, I loved having some fun entourage scenes and hearing Grizz say: “Tony will rush it for me. We do Zumba together.” I’ll give you a second to just picture that.

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