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April 10, 2012 at 04:05 PM EDT

Somewhere out there, there’s a person who heard Erin Martin’s performance of “Walk Like an Egyptian” last night and had a hallucinatory religious experience and is now convinced of the existence of a higher being. And then there is every other person who heard the performance.

Don’t listen to me, though — what do I know? I thought I knew what was going down last week, but America voted to save RaeLynn, which for me was an absolute blind side — a blind side! — much like that one Sandra Bullock movie, The Proposal. So for what it’s worth, I may think this week that Erin Martin is bound for elimination, but I’m not as in touch with America as I thought I was.

So school me, my little Voicelets. Who did you vote for after last night’s second round of live shows? Team Adam and Team Cee Lo took the stage, and although there were some hits and misses, there was a lot of talent to go around, particularly between Jamar Rogers, Mathai and Juliet Simms. Did anybody’s vocal performance give you a beautiful epiphany? Who’s going home tonight!? Get your debate hat and your arbitration headgear on and sound off in the comments!

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