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Uma Thurman joins 'Smash' tonight. Can she save 'Bombshell'?

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Smash Uma Thurman

When Uma Thurman’s movie star Rebecca Duvall makes her dramatic entrance into the Smash rehearsal room tonight, it’s to save the play-within-the-show, Bombshell, with her film-world fabulousness. But though Thurman signed on to the series for a five-episode arc in December, way before Smash turned out to be anything but, now she’s here to rescue the TV show, too.

With any luck, Rebecca will demand they drop the title Bombshell — no producer in his/her right mind would put “bomb” in the title of a make-it-or-break-it musical. Critics like puns way too much (see sentence two, above). And Uma will bring in more viewers (as well as avoid repeating what she learned playing Ulla in the film adaptation of The Producers…blech). But, if anything, at least Uma’s Rebecca will give Ivy and Karen a reason to join forces, Ellis someone else to eavesdrop on, and Derek another woman to well, you know.

We do know that she’ll score the title role in Bombshell — temporarily, I’m assuming. Rebecca Duvall is also high maintenance (she’s picky about her flowers, remember), needy (look at that entourage), and seems like a really odd choice to play Marilyn Monroe. But, hey, so is Katherine McPhee.

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