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Buzz Aldrin coaches Buzz Lightyear for space mission

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In March, a Buzz Lightyear toy that spent almost a year and a half orbiting the Earth on the International Space Station was formally inducted into the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. But that’s not the coolest part.

Before Buzz Lightyear the action figure, there was Buzz Aldrin the astronaut, who gave his Toy Story namesake a thorough crash course in preparation for the toy’s 2008 mission to space. In a clip that io9 dug up from 2010 (we call it charmingly vintage), watch Aldrin put Lightyear through a battery of tests, including a fitness assessment that looks remarkably like my own experience on the treadmill:

Bonus clip: See how the flight training paid off during Buzz Lightyear’s trip into orbit.

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