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Matt Czuchry: Personality quiz

Matt Czuchry (pronounced ”Zoo-Cree”) plays ambitious prosecutor Cary Agos on CBS’ ”The Good Wife” and recently released his first book, ”Brothers on Life” (written with his brother Mike). Says the 34-year-old, ”It’s short stories, poetry, philosophy, and childhood photographs.” He writes. He acts. But can he make it through EW’s Personality Quiz?

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1. The Sex and the City character you identify with:
Samantha — Is she the one who liked to have sex all the time? [Editor’s note: Yes.]

2. Biggest fear?
Mice. I had a mouse in my apartment and I couldn’t sleep for two nights. I hate mice. They move so fast.

3. The worst pronunciation of your name you’ve ever heard:
I have to say CHUCK-ry. In kindergarten, it took me a long time to spell it out on the chalkboard. People still stumble on it.

4. Weirdest Gilmore Girls fan encounter:
Somebody wanted me to autograph her breast and I kindly refused. She was in college. I thought maybe I shouldn’t do that.

5. The hottest female TV lawyer is:
Clair Huxtable (The Cosby Show) — Phylicia Rashad was just gorgeous. Clair Huxtable had that strength and power that you really respect in a woman.

6. As the star of the movie I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, you prefer which brew?
Pabst Blue Ribbon — I’m from Johnson City, Tennessee. I gotta go Pabst. Sometimes when you’re in Charleston, there’s this place we would go to [that had] $1 Mystery Beer. You wouldn’t know what you were getting and you would reach in and there was all kinds of terrible beers in there. But if you pulled out that Pabst, awww, man, you felt so good!

7. Pop culture guilty pleasure:
Mortal Kombat. I played all the versions with my family. My season 2 Good Wife wrap gift was this deluxe package of Mortal Kombat. I played it for, like, two weeks straight.

8. If you had a cologne like Good Wife costar Alan Cumming’s Cumming, it would be named:
I’m gonna say Man Juice. It could mean a lot of different stuff. I need to trademark that, by the way. Nobody take that!

9. If you’re ever charged with a crime, the daytime TV judge you’d most want to go before is:
Judge Wapner — I gotta go with Judge Wapner. Bring in Wapner as a special guest from the old school.

10. The Good Wife cast member who would handle jail time the best:
Chris Noth. He’s a badass. He commands a room.