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'High School' trailer

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An Oscar winner, an Emmy winner, and a son of Tom Hanks are all appearing in a movie together. But this project isn’t serious-minded awards-bait — it’s a high-concept* stoner comedy with a literal title.

See, there’s this school. And everyone in it is high. That’s…basically it. Okay, fine, the story’s a tiny bit more complicated: A slacker and a nerd are worried they’ll get expelled once they fail a mandatory drug test. So they decide to get their entire class baked, figuring that if everyone fails, nobody will get kicked out.

But as in potboiler classics like Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, the plot’s pretty much beside the point. All a movie like this really needs is a couple of hot girls, a series of cheerfully ridiculous set pieces, and, ideally, a few cameos — which is where Adrien Brody, Michael Chiklis, and Colin Hanks come in. Also, apparently, there’s a talking frog. High School will be a masterpiece. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer, then decide for yourself:

*Pun very much intended.

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