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Eugene Levy's life of 'Pie'

Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott may be the ”American Pie” series’ leading men, but the real star? Eugene Levy, who has appeared in all eight of them. Yes, there are eight

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Like climbing Mount Everest or drinking a whole gallon of milk at one time, it’s a truly impressive accomplishment: With American Reunion, Eugene Levy is now the only person on earth to have starred in all eight films of the American Pie series. That’s four movies released theatrically and four not-quite-classics that went directly to DVD, like 2006’s American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile. In each of them, the caterpillar-browed funnyman has played the same character: the well-meaning but awkwardly frank Mr. Levenstein (i.e., Jason Biggs’ dad — even though Biggs does not appear in the parallel-universe DVD sequels). Levy, however, has his own system of counting. ”I separate the theatrical releases from the straight-to-DVD,” he says. ”So to me, it’s more of a four, with an asterisk.” Working his way through the hallowed American Pie canon, Levy has walked in on his fair share of people in compromising situations, starting with catching Biggs in flagrante delicto in 1999’s American Pie. ”I’ve probably done that at least eight times,” he says. So after all that frantic eye-shielding and backpedaling, has he learned to knock first before entering a room? ”Sure, but there are always fewer laughs if you knock.”