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'30 Rock': Nothing Left to Lose

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30 Rock
Ali Goldstein/NBC

Complain Ask and you shall receive! Last week I expressed my frustration with 30 Rock‘s newest page, Hazel Wassername. And this week we were treated to a completely Hazel-free episode! And I have to say, I enjoyed the much-needed Hazel hiatus. In “Nothing Left to Lose,” Liz & Co. were required to fill out their self-evaluations for Kabletown. Jack — who dubbed the process “the biggest waste of time since NBC’s diversity writing program — was none too thrilled to read all the evaluations.

But Jack found minor significance in the task when he realized he could help make Pete a better man. You see, Jack could not successfully fill out his own self-evaluation if one of his employees (see: Pete) was failing. But instead of a new and improved Mr. Hornberger, we ended up with a much sadder version of the man — complete with a broken nose, bald head, and an unfortunate swastika/penis birthmark.

Meanwhile, Tracy regained his sense of smell after Dr. Spaceman removed a novelty ring that had been stuck up his nose since the ’70s. You know, your typical Tracy story line. Things took a turn for the weird when Liz’s scent evoked memories of Tracy’s absent father, and Liz became Daddy Liz. Blame it on the Midnight Symphony. Naturally, she used this to her advantage to get Tracy to be more productive at work. But in the end, she decided she had to do the right thing: Send Tracy back to the doctor to have the procedure reversed. But in lieu of a ring, Tracy got a fuzzy pencil topper up his nose. It’s totally normal. Don’t worry. And while all this was going on, Jenna was on a quest to prove she isn’t the worst person she knows. As it turns out she’s (Spoiler Alert!) only the fourth worst person she knows. Success everywhere!

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