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Sofia Vergara's 'Saturday Night Live' promos

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Sofia Vergara

Ay, dios mio! The hermosa Sofia Vergara is hosting Sabado Night Live this week, and hey — did you know that she’s from Colombia? Because if this clip is any indication, April 7’s SNL might as well be called An Hour and a Half of The Manuel Ortiz Show, Whether You Like It or Not.

There are two kinds of quips in the following promo reel, which also features cast member Jason Sudeikis:  jokes about Vergara’s accent, and jokes about how hot she is. Granted, SNL episodes that focus on the host’s stratospheric attractiveness can still be funny; see Jon Hamm’s outings for proof. But the “Isn’t Spanish hilarious?” undertone here gives me pause — mostly because I worry that we’re in for a whole lot of Fred Armisen pretending to be various ethnicities. Watch the video yourself to see what I mean:

What do you think, amigos — are these promos tickling your funny bone? Or are you, like me, gritting your teeth at the thought of Fericito’s inevitable return? Also, do you think they’ll make One Direction wear sombreros, or what?

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