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'Total Recall' trailer: Kate Beckinsale vs. Jessica Biel...TO THE DEATH!!!

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The full trailer for this August’s vaguely anticipated Total Recall remake hit the Internet yesterday. The plot outline remains roughly the same as the outlandish 1990 classic: An everyman feels dissatisfied with his perfect life and is haunted by dreams of a more exciting existence, so he visits his friendly neighborhood memory implant service. Tonally, though, this new Recall suggests a futuristic Bourne, with Colin Farrell suddenly discovering a remarkable array of secret-agent Krav Maga skills. Also, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel get into a fight, and every time they punch each other, it sounds like a metal fist punching a mushroom cloud. Also, John Cho and Bryan Cranston both wear wigs. Curiously, there is still no sign of the three-breasted mutant prostitute.

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