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David Lynch's insane new NSFW music video

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David Lynch is releasing an album called Crazy Clown Time, and he has just created a seven-minute-long music video for that album’s title track that features topless chesty ladies, a man who sets his own mohawk on fire, and a dude wearing a football uniform who spends the entire video jogging in place. If you had to describe what the video was about, the simplest description would be: “A bunch of people who are obviously not high schoolers pretend to be high schoolers having a party in the back yard, and David Lynch sing-narrates everything that happens to them.”

But if you wanted to really get into what the video is about… well, that’s a bit trickier. Maybe it’s a deconstruction of American youth-culture iconography. Maybe it’s a retelling of the fall of the Roman Empire. Personally, I think it’s actually just a brilliant stealth remake of Glee. Watch the video and ponder:

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