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Tracy Morgan addresses Sundance collapse on 'Letterman'

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Tracy Morgan didn’t take his shirt off on Letterman last night, and he also didn’t jokingly threaten to get anyone pregnant. But the 30 Rock star still managed to be predictably unpredictable, peppering his interview with off-the-wall quips about air travel (“Yeah, I take airplanes. We don’t take the bus to England no more”), Rihanna (“She’s part of my harem”), and his nonexistent past as a royal (“I was a princess — or a prince, rather, in Egypt.” Did he mean to say “Nigeria“?).

Letterman did his best to roll with the punches, valiantly trying to keep the controversial stand-up on topic. The host only managed to curb Morgan’s enthusiasm when he asked about 30 Rock — as soon as his TV show was mentioned, the comedian became a whole lot more lucid.

Morgan called the set “lovely,” then shared an anecdote concerning his scary collapse at Sundance. Apparently, the incident happened soon after co-star Alec Baldwin got kicked off a plane. “I came back to the set” of 30 Rock, said Morgan,”and I looked at [Baldwin], and I said, ‘Top that.'” Uh-oh — challenging Jack Donaghy to a scandal-off cannot possibly end well.

Oh, and about the collapse itself? According to Morgan, it happened because the award he received at Sundance was “just too heavy.” Then he brought up Michael Jackson, for some reason. So much for staying tangent-free.

Watch the end of Morgan’s interview below, then tell us: Are you convinced yet that Tracy Morgan and Tracy Jordan are the exact same person? You can also find a full episode of last night’s Letterman at CBS.com.

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