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Suddenly, A Knock on the Door review - Etgar Keret

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SHORT KNOCKS Keret offers a collection of short stories that prove to be whimsical and melancholy delights

Suddenly, a Knock on the Door

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Etgar Keret
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We gave it an A-

Etgar Keret is a writer who emphasizes the ”short” in short story, churning out delicate wisps of narrative that float by on a mixture of wonder and melancholy. Many feature some kind of fantastical element — like, say, a wish-granting goldfish or a purgatory populated by the subjects of lies — but they’re also grounded by Keret’s humanism and gentle, O. Henry-esque irony. There’s not much in Suddenly, A Knock on the Door that’s too substantial, but the author’s emotions and ideas are teaspooned out in undiluted, well-measured doses guaranteed to put a dopey smile on your face during those 10 or 15 minutes until your train arrives. A-