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'Pretty Little Liars': Shay Mitchell 'speechless' after shocking death

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Pretty Little Liars
Randy Holmes/ABC Family

In our earlier burning questions post about last night’s explosive episode of Pretty Little Liars, the show’s producers explained their controversial decision to — SPOILER ALERT — kill off Maya St. Germain (Bianca Lawson), the girlfriend of the show’s teenage lesbian, Emily (Shay Mitchell). Series creator Marlene King says the shocking death — which came unexpectedly in the episode’s last few seconds — was necessary to set up season 3’s mystery: “It just felt like we had to continue on this journey and it was a step we needed to take to give ourselves more mystery and open up the show to season 3.”

“That’s the only backlash I think we’re going to get from the finale,” she continued. “The Maya fans are going to be a little bit upset.” But what does Mitchell — who plays the deceased’s girlfriends on the show — think about the death of her character’s on-screen love? “I was speechless when I found out,” Mitchell tells EW. “I was completely shocked. For me, it was one of my favorite and my most heartbreaking scenes. I didn’t think they were going to get rid of Emily’s only stable relationship, you know?” Also on Mitchell’s mind: the “Emaya shippers” out there, who obsess over Emily and Maya’s relationship. “All I thought about when Marlene told me was about those ‘Emaya’ fans out there. They better get Emily back out there on the dating scene.”

Did Lawson — who hasn’t been seen since the show’s Feb. 13 episode — know her fate? Mitchell isn’t sure. “I didn’t know if she knew about it,” Mitchell says. “I don’t know how she got the call. Is she watching? I don’t want to call and be like, ‘Hi, by the way, you’re dead.'” But Mitchell postulates that we likely haven’t seen the last of Maya yet. “Who knows — there are always flashbacks on this show,” Mitchell says. “You never know: She’ll probably be back.”

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