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'Hunger Games': Reinvented Disney trailer

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Picture this iconic Hunger Games scene: an arena filled with tributes, the audience waiting with bated breath, the countdown ending…and Jasmine, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, and Alice in Wonderland all racing towards the cornucopia. Thanks to the brilliance of YouTube user xPhiloSophieX, this baffling scene has become a reality. Well, sort of. In the re-imagined YouTube trailer, the Hunger Games characters are replaced by iconic Disney ones, from Jasmine as Katniss, to Cinderella as Effie, to John Smith as a tribute. It’s epic, it’s mesmerizing, it’s pure genius. Watch the video after the jump:

PopWatchers, could you have imagined such labored creativity was possible? Will you forever picture The Hunger Games in a new light? Particularly one in which Judge Frollo reigns supreme, and tracker jackers are replaced by lovable little Abus? Give us your take on the reinvented cast in the comments below!

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