Leah Greenblatt
March 09, 2012 AT 05:00 AM EST

1. Cher, ”Believe”
Basically the awesomest anthem about moving on ever created by a pile of wigs and a vocoder. Do you believe in life after Cher? Is anybody strong enough? A

2. Monica, ”Angel of Mine”
After having to go halfsies with Brandy on a devil of a boy, Monica finally found a haloed guy to call her own — even if she had to borrow him from British girl group Eternal, who’d taken the song up the U.K. charts two years earlier. A-

3. Whitney Houston Feat. Faith Evans & Kelly Price,”Heartbreak Hotel”
Welcome! Please allow the bellhop to carry your emotional baggage to your room; we hope you’ll join us this evening for cocktails and recriminations in the Single Ladies lounge. B+

4. Sarah McLachlan, ”Angel”
How to totally perk up a wrenching piano ballad about a friend who overdosed on heroin and died? Pair it with an ASPCA commercial about horribly mistreated and malnourished cats and dogs that runs all through Christmas. B+

5. Backstreet Boys, ”All I Have to Give”
Love, they will give and give. But asking them to share their hair products? Don’t get greedy, girl. B

6. Mariah Carey, ”I Still Believe”
Mimi reworked this tinkly ballad from ’80s pop footnote Brenda K. Starr, for whom she once sang backup, into a powerhouse vocal showcase. It’s just like All About Eve! If Eve had a five-octave range. And bangs. B+

7. Deborah Cox, ”Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here”
Honestly, Deborah’s man kind of sounds like a cat burglar — I mean, did she even give him a key? — but however he got in the door, she’s glad, so that’s good. B

8. Britney Spears, ”…Baby One More Time”
With seven ”Oh bay-buh, bay-buh”s, three banging bass piano chords, and one hot-pink sports bra, she changed the world. Was it ever all so simple? A+

9. Sugar Ray, ”Every Morning”
Mark McGrath could probably sing about how much he loves collecting Stalin memorabilia and eating baby rabbits for breakfast and you’d still be all, ”Aww, that guy!” B

10. TLC, ”No Scrubs”
Scrub | skruhb | noun: 1. A guy who thinks he’s fly, though in fact he lives with his mama 2. A guy who can’t get no love from me 3. One who hangs from the passenger side of his best friend’s ride. (Also known as: a buster.) A+

Source: Joel Whitburn Presents The Billboard® Hot 100® Charts—The Nineties

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