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'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All': 'I take it all back!'

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Too little, too late, right rose lovers? If you’ve seen tonight’s Women Tell All special — and SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t — then you’re most likely still cleaning up your living room after throwing rotten vegetables at your TV screen during Courtney’s segment. Look, she did her job as a reality TV villain — and she did it well — but her belated apology tonight was more “Waaah waaah the tabloids are being so mean to me!” than “I’ve reflected upon my actions and regret having treated you all with such disdain and scorn.” Anyhoo, this is all just a prelude to what is sure to be an epic After the Final Rose special, should Courtney be the one who “wins” Ben’s hand. Other than that, tonight’s WTA was fairly uneventful — Nicki’s still sad about losing Ben, Elyse feels bad for screaming “Who IS she?” at Shawntel, and Emily really needs to dial it back a notch on the eyeliner. Stay tuned for my full TV recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click through for Kristen’s full Bachelor: The Women Tell All recap and Chris Harrison’s exclusive EW Bachelor blog), but in the meantime tell me what you thought about The Women Tell All. Did Courtney’s crocodile tears convince you that she’s a human being? Which blooper was your favorite? (I’m partial to the bird that tried to kill Ben.) And will you watch Bachelor Pad 3 if Ali (aka Queen of Bitch Mountain) moves in? Post your thoughts below!