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Taraji P. Henson: What's on my iPod

The Oscar-nominated actress and current star of ”Person of Interest” (Thursdays at 9 p.m. on CBS) singles out her funkiest favorites

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Prince, ”Adore”
”You cannot be a music lover and not be a Prince fan. Lyrically, that song is love. Because of him, when I tell someone I adore them, it’s coming from the depth of my soul, and Prince’s, too.”

James Brown,”It’s A Man’s World”
”You can’t love music without the Godfather, either! It’s moody, it’s funky, it’s soulful. James is such a motivator when you’re cleaning up — like, dancing with a broomstick.”

Notorious B.I.G., ”Machine Gun Funk”
”That’s my gangster side. I use music a lot to help get me into character, so I listened to a lot of Biggie when I played a hitwoman in [2007 crime caper] Smokin’ Aces.”

Fela Kuti, ”You Give Me S— I Give You S—”
”It’s just so honest: Whatever you give me, you’re gonna get it back. It jams for, like, 24 minutes. Fela was a rebel, and he was speaking for the people.”

Mary J. Blige, ”Real Love”
”That’s what I’m looking for — real love. Romeo, wherefore art thou?”