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Hunger Games cookies

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Hunger Games Cookies 01

If you’ve been looking for a way to lick Josh Hutcherson, we just might have the solution. New York bakery Eleni’s, most recently responsible for their ingenious Oscar cookies, has given their detailed treatment to none other than the characters, creatures, and concepts of The Hunger Games, pictured above.

Their Capitol confections (which I can attest are not made from tesserae grain) include everything from tracker jackers you can eat without fear of delirium, a mockingjay pin (that I would proudly wear if it wouldn’t crumble on my shirt), a bow and arrow, a bunch of nightlock berries (eat at your own risk), the foreboding white rose, and for all you Team Gale fans, a mop-haired Liam Hemsworth.

While you won’t find these cookies included in your copy of this week’s Hunger Games issue, you can order the Down with the Capitol gift box (currently circulating EW’s office) for $75 from Eleni’s website. We’d love to see Seneca Crane take a bite out of that.

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