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Best Picture Nominees: A Deep Dive

Click on each title to get up to speed on the contenders, from essential info to fun facts

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‘The Artist’
Did You Know?: Some grumpy U.K. moviegoers asked for a refund because they didn’t realize the film was silent
‘The Descendants’
Did You Know?: The Oscar nominee began in the pages of Kaui Hart Hemmings’ short story ”The Minor Wars”
‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close’
Did You Know?: Thomas Horn got a call to audition for his role after being spotted on TV during ”Jeopardy!” Kids Week
‘The Help’
Did You Know?: Long before the movie release, Octavia Spencer voiced Minny in the novel’s 17-hour audio book
Did You Know?: Director Martin Scorsese assigned his actors film history homework before they began filming
‘Midnight in Paris’
Did You Know?: Owen Wilson says he first met and spoke to director Woody Allen when he arrived in France to begin filming
Did you know?: Jonah Hill stepped into his Oscar-nominated role after comedian Demetri Martin dropped out
‘The Tree of Life’
Did you know?: ”Tree” marks return to moviemaking of special-effects innovator Douglas Trumbull after near three-decade break
‘War Horse’
Did you know?: There are only three shots lasting three seconds in the film that were digitally created, Spielberg has said