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Rebecca Black's 'Friday' video celebrates one year on the Internet

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Rebecca Black

If there hasn’t been a Friday over the last year in which, at some point, you didn’t sing “Gettin’ down on Friday” or “We, we, we so excited” to yourself, then celebrating today’s musical milestone should feel bittersweet.

To be fair, Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” didn’t actually take over our lives — and thus forever alter our knowledge of how the week works (“Yesterday it is Thursday, today it is Friday”) and major decisions like where to sit in our friends’ cars — until March 2011. But the video was actually released one year ago today, Feb. 10, 2011, courtesy of ARK Music Factory. That’s right, it took the Internet almost an entire month to stumble upon this gem.

Here’s some fun, fun, fun, fun facts about Rebecca Black’s “Friday” over the past year:

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