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A Different Kind of Truth review - Van Halen

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CHART RE-TOPPERS Van Halen returns to put a new spin on the band's classic tunes

A Different Kind of Truth

Current Status:
In Season
Interscope, Rock

We gave it an A-

No new Van Halen songs will ever be able to top arena-filling classics like ”Unchained” or ”Panama.” The band agrees: The bulk of A Different Kind of Truth, their first full-length David Lee Roth-led outing in 28 years, is made up of new takes on old demos. The result is a gloriously satisfying cop-out — the speed-demon grooves on ”Bullethead” and ”She’s the Woman” let Eddie Van Halen tap into late-’70s pyrotechnics and Roth indulge in his contagious sense of huckster tomfoolery. A-

Best Tracks:
Twisty, groovy She’s the Woman
Stuttering talking blues Stay Frosty