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Book Swap: Feb. 17, 2012

Trade a favor TV show or movie for a book

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Love This?
NBC’s singing, dancing, and back-stabbing behind-the-scenes Broadway drama follows a single production, based on the life of Marilyn Monroe, from the points of view of all involved.
Try This!
Look, I Made a Hat
Stephen Sondheim is the reigning king of the Great White Way, with more Tonys than a South Jersey auto shop. His second collection of annotated lyrics is a must for any true theater geek.

Love This?
Madonna channeled her rampant Anglophilia into this meticulous-looking film about the abdicating King Edward VIII and his scandalous relationship with the divorced socialite Wallis Simpson.
Try This!
Elizabeth the Queen
If British succession is your cuppa, you may want to peruse Sally Bedell Smith’s monarchic biography about Elizabeth II, Edward VIII’s niece and current ruler of the Commonwealth.