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TV pilots mega list 2012

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When there’s two rival Beauty and the Beast projects, you gotta think a trend is forming. Following the success of ABC’s top-rated new drama Once Upon a Time (and to a lesser extent, NBC’s Grimm), broadcast-network pilot season seems to have a greater than usual number of projects with fantasy or supernatural elements — along with a ton of shows about federal agents, everyday cops, doctors, conspiracies, and cults. The magical-realism trend is partly a continuation from last year’s pilot season. This time around, however, there seems to be fewer head-turning TV reboots ideas in the mix like Charlie’s Angels and Wonder Woman. Below is EW’s landing strip for the 2012 broadcast-network pilots. We’ll update this post as networks make their finals orders. Wands out: Accio loglines!

NBC Dramas

Sarah SilvermanPW

Beautiful People

Logline: An imaginative and thematically rich ensemble “what if” drama set 10 minutes in the future where families of mechanical human beings exist to service the human population — that is, until some of the mechanicals begin to “awaken.”

From: Writer-EP Michael McDonald; EPs Robert M. Sertner, Stephen Hopkins; Universal Television and ABC Studios

The Munsters Mockingbird Lane

Logline: From writer-executive producer Bryan Fuller, Mockingbird Lane is an imaginative reinvention of The Munsters as a visually spectacular one-hour drama.

From: Writer-EP Bryan Fuller; EPs Bryan Singer, John Wirth; Universal Television and Bad Hat Harry Productions

The Frontier

Logline: In an intense tale of survival a group of disparate travelers embark on an incredible cross-country adventure through the West, where danger stalks them at every turn.

From: Writer-EP Shaun Cassidy; EPs Thomas Schlamme, Jeff Kwatinetz, Josh Barry; Sony and Prospect Park

Midnight Sun

Logline: This thriller follows the mysterious disappearance of a group living on a commune in Alaska. Based on an acclaimed Israeli format, a female FBI cult specialist starts an investigation that uncovers a larger conspiracy.

From: Writer-EP Lisa Zwerling; EPs Peter Traugott, Rachel Kaplan, Alon Aranya, Efrat Shmayadron, Minit Toovi, Noah Stollman, and Oded Davidoff; Universal Television

Do No Harm

Logline: A brilliant neurosurgeon wrestles with his dangerous alter ego that threatens to wreak havoc on his personal and professional life.

From: Writer David Schulner; EPs Peter Traugott; Rachel Kaplan; Universal Television

Chicago Fire

Logline: From the writing team of 3:10 to Yuma comes this action-driven drama exploring the complex and heroic men and women of the Windy City’s Fire Department.

From: Writer-EPs Derek Haas, Michael Brandt; Dick Wolf, Danielle Gelber, Peter Jankowski; Universal Television and Wolf Films


Logline: A high octane action drama from J. J. Abrams following a group of characters struggling to survive and reunite with loved ones in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist.

From: Writer-EP: Logline: Eric Kripke; J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk


Logline: Emmy-winning creator Jason Katims takes us into the lives of a group of young doctors, nurses, and administrators, in a frenetic underfunded and morally compromising L.A. County Hospital.

From: Writer-EP Jason Katims; Universal Television

Bad Girls

Logline: From the producers of Shameless, and adapted from the long-running U.K. hit series of the same name, Bad Girls follows the ins and outs of a group of unlikely women in a federal prison: a scandalous female warden, her new protégé and a host of inmates – some mothers, some friends—who struggle with loyalties to people on the inside and the outside.

From: Writer-EP Nancy Pimental; Warner Bros. Television, John Wells Productions, and Shed Media U.

NBC Comedies

Sarah Silverman Project

Logline: A single-camera comedy in which series star Sarah Silverman (The Sarah Silverman Program) returns to her old life after a breakup, ready to pick up where she left off, and finds it’s not as easy as she thought because those around her have moved on.

From: Writers-EPs Sarah Silverman, Dan Sterling, Jon Schroeder; EPs Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Francie Calfo; 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Television

Downwardly Mobile

Logline: This multi-cam comedy brings Roseanne Barr back to series television as the proprietor of a mobile-home park and surrogate mother to all of the unique people who live there in a challenging economy.

From: Writers-EPs Eric Gilliland, Roseanne Barr; EP John Argent; 20th Century Fox Television


Logline: A comedy centering on an otherwise normal middle-class family that wrestles with the challenges of everyday life while raising a daughter (Sophia Mitri Schloss, Grimm) who has magical qualities.

From: Writer-EP’s Howard Busgang, Tom Nursall; EPs Aaron Kaplan, Jocelyn Deshenes, Karey Burke; Universal Television, Kapital Entertainment, Sphere Media, and Dark Toy Entertainment

Save Me

Logline: A woman who lets herself go while in a broken marriage goes through a transformation where she becomes the best version of herself and creates miracles along the way.

From: Writer-EP John Scott Shepherd; EPs Scott Winant, Neal Moritz, Vivian Cannon; Sony and Original Film & Television

Untitled Karl Lizer

Logline: What happens between two lifelong female friends when a husband comes into the mix.

From: Writer-EP Kari Lizer; Warner Bros. Television

Go On

Logline: While an irreverent yet charming sportscaster tries to move on from loss, he reluctantly finds surprising solace from the members of his mandatory group-therapy sessions.

From: Writer-SP Scott Silveri; EP Karey Burke; Universal Television

Animal Kingdom

Logline: A single-camera office comedy centered on a House-like veterinarian, who loves animals but usually hates their owners.

From: Writer-EP Brian Gatewood, Alex Tanaka ; EPs Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Ravi Nandan, Scot Armstrong; American Work and Universal Television

Untitled Hilary Winston

Logline: After being dumped by her fiancé, a shy, focused woman leans on her co-workers to help her come out of her shell and plot her revenge.

From: Writer-EP Hilary Winston; EPs Jamie Tarses, Julia Franz; Sony

Untitled Jimmy Fallon

Logline: Three thirtysomething guys enjoy the adventures of parenting despite the fact they haven’t grown up themselves.

From: Writer-EP Charlie Grandy; EPs Jimmy Fallon, Amy Ozols; Holiday Road and Universal Television

The New Normal

Logline: A heartwarming comedy about a blended family of a gay couple and the woman who becomes a surrogate to help them start a family.

From: Writer-EPs Ryan Murphy, Allison Adler; 20th Century Fox TV and Ryan Murphy Productions

Friday Night Dinner

Logline: Based on the U.K. format, this single-camera comedy about a quirky family that has supper together every Friday night is adapted by Emmy-winning creator Greg Daniels.

From: Writer-EP Greg Daniels; EPs Ken Kwapis, Howard Klein; Deedle Dee Prod/ 3 Arts/ Big Talk Television and Universal Television

Next Caller Please

Logline: A single-camera gender comedy focusing on a brash alpha-male DJ and his new, plucky, feminist cohost, set in the offices of a satellite radio station.

From: EP Stephen Falk; Universal Television and Lionsgate Television

Daddy’s Girls

Logline: A young woman returns home from overseas to find that her father is seriously dating the “mean girl” from her high school.

From: Writer-EP Dana Klein; 20th Century Fox Television and Kapital Entertainment

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